Why Cannabis Consulting Nationwide

We like to think there are plenty of reasons to choose us for your consulting needs.

Below are some we really think you should know.

We’ve been there

Founder Rob Hendrix has been operating his own retail cannabis store for 4 years. He has dealt with the trials and tribulations that come with pioneering a burgeoning industry. Now he’s ready to impart that knowledge to others to save them time and money.


Success begets success

Simply owning a business isn’t enough. We’ve been running profitable and violation-free businesses for years, and we’re ready to push that knowledge to other passionate entrepreneurs.

Pure passion

Our passion for the industry is what drives us forward. We’ve been a part of regulatory meetings with lawmakers in state capitols and D.C. fighting for the industry. We believe in educating and aiding our community to dispel any myths and falsities that have surrounded cannabis.

It’s personal

This is an industry built on relationships. We strive to meet all of our clients face-to-face, no matter where they are in the country. Be it Delaware or New Mexico we’ll be shaking your hand.


Mike Graham

Owner - Natural Mystic Farms Ellensburg, Washington

It has been our pleasure to work with Cannabis Central from the very beginnings of our legal marketplace in Washington State. Rob has done a great job, growing the store from a small retail space into the beautiful expansive retail floor that is one of the nicer shops in the state. Cannabis Central has a great mix of inventory, from carrying the larger more established brands in the state while at the same time highlighting the best of the local producers such as Natural Mystic Farms. Rob and his professional staff are always polite, courteous and helpful both to vendors and customers which is a welcome relief in the cut-throat competitive atmosphere in the I-502 market. We have been with Rob and Cannabis Central since 2014 and look forward to working many years ahead with our valued retail partner.

Kevin Dietz

Owner - Gecko Growers

I became acquainted with Rob in June of 2014. He visited our production facility and we quickly became friends. His down to earth attitude and his attention to detail are only a few of his many key success characteristics. He will work round the clock to make sure all aspects of your business is operating at full capacity.

Doug Russell

Blue Rock Acres LLC & Cannabis Wholesale Co.

I’ve enjoyed working with Rob Hendrix since opening in 2014. “Enjoyed” might not be the best choice of words…..my company probably wouldn’t be here if not for our conversations and his insight. I can grow, I can sell, but understanding the way my product moves off the shelves or why it’s not moving at all? That’s something only the person dealing with the customer really understands. He has a great grasp of the industry as a whole which has helped us stay one step ahead of our competitors. Thanks again Rob!

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