Cannabis Industry Preparedness

The cannabis industry is unlike any in the world. It’s new, misunderstood, controversial, loved by some, despised by others. We’ll help you develop systems and processes to keep things organized and running smoothly, so you aren’t spending every day putting out a new fire. We can help make sure you are prepared for anything the cannabis industry has to throw at you onyour journey.

Retail Cannabis Store Product Inventory

Inventory control and cash management is critical to all businesses, especially so in the cannabis industry. Due to the nature of the product you keep inventory of, there are nuances you need to be prepared for.

Our professional background in the retail automobile business helped us succeed in retail cannabis, but we also learned the do’s and do not’s of retail cannabis product inventory.

Don’t make the same mistakes we did.

Let’s get your inventory under control.

Retail cannabis store inventory control - managing stock at your dispensary

Cannabis Licensing and Legal Compliance

The retail cannabis licensing process in Washington State is grueling and invasive. In total, it takes almost 6 months to complete. Not knowing exactly what they need to see, and how to go about this process can result in added months, stress, and costs.

We can walk you through the myriad of demands from your home state’s regulatory body. It can seem overwhelming at times, but we can get through it together. After all, we went through this process 4 years ago, and are still here to tell the tale!

Let us help you with the application process for your retail cannabis store.

Cannabis Money Management and Finances

Unfortunately, banking may be an issue in your state likely will be for some time. Financial instituions are afraid to do business with people like us, due to the legal state of cannabis on a federal level.

Loans are not available via traditional lending sources, so “financing” will likely be restricted to savings, cashed in 401-Ks, loans from family, etc. We believe in the motto “hope for the best, plan for the worst”.

We can help you avoid the common financial pitfalls many experience when starting and operating a legal cannabis business.

Dispensary Staffing and Hiring Best Practices

The hiring process for a cannabis business is very unique. On one hand, you need budget-friendly employees, but you also need them to be dependable, ready to work, and to adhere to regulatory standards.

After all, the cannabis industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries around. This means there is a lot riding on your hiring practices, and your staff will make or break your business.

We’ll take the mystery out of dispensary staffing, hiring, and management. We can help you identify what to look for in an employee and what you can expect from them, how to manage them, and should it ever come, how to go about termination.

Cannabis Education

Education is critical to the success of your business – for you, your employees, and your customers. An educated customer is one that is ready to buy, and we can teach you how we know best to educate your customers and patients.

Whether it is in the form of a blog, a newsletter, in store educational events, or just hiring good budtenders, you need to be able to do your part in teaching your customers and your employees about cannabis.

cannabis consulting for dispensary

Retail Cannabis Store Design & Development

The aesthetics of your retail cannabis store can make or break your business. Show some personality, effectively convey the message of your brand, and stand out from the crowd with our tried and true design methodologies. After all, many customers base their decision on whether to return to a shop or not based on the design and layout.

Retail Cannabis Store Security

Security systems, employee theft prevention, shoplifting prevention, and other best practices are important assets to your retail cannabis store.

Thankfully, the industry is experiencing fewer legal issues than many expected, but we continually strive to create an environment that reduces the chances of a system compromise to zero. We can help you develop systems and a culture that mitigate theft or break-ins as much as possible.

Dispensary Advertising and Marketing

Washington State has severely limited advertising as we know it; from outdoor sign size, content, location, and more. And, digital marketing via Facebook and Instagram is usually not possible – your account runs a high risk of getting shut down.

Your respective state will restrict advertising in similar ways, but we have many approved techniques that will build your brand, strengthen customer relationships, and foster customer loyalty.

dispensary marketing and advertising

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