I am sure most if not all of the readers and visitors to my website are sick and tired of this pandemic. And I will not take this opportunity to get political with y’all. But I will address some real concerns I have regarding our economy; national, regional as well as local. 

I have not been able to get a professional haircut since late February, in fact my hair hasn’t been this long since high school. People in my life are telling me they like it “longer”. But not this long. 

But my long, out of control hair situation is not a real issue. The lady who normally cuts my hair and whose business is on life support is the real issue. 

The friends of mine who own a lovely and local Italian restaurant and really cool bar are running at 25-30% of normal revenue. That is unsustainable for any business so I am concerned for their well-being and that of their employees. 

And the gentleman who owns the building I lease that houses my cannabis shop is also struggling mightily. His primary business is a really cool old diner with fantastic salads, wraps and of course burgers. He also had only fairly recently opened a bar in what was our first location for my shop and it has been almost totally shut down by COVID-19. 

No business can operate for long with these types of roadblocks and the resulting loss of business and life giving revenue.

My point is that real people who are “small” business owners and who employ millions and millions of Americans all across our country are in serious straits and they need our help. 

But its tricky as these people, for the most part, are not accustomed to asking for help. No, most are the type who GIVE help, not receive it. So, its a bit foreign to many of these true blue Americans whose businesses are the engine that truly drives the US national economy, not Amazon or Costco or Walmart. 

Small business collectively dwarf these “giants” insofar as the contributions they make to our local, regional as well as national economy(s). 

I for one resent the term “essential” businesses, in fact all businesses are essential to the folks who work there and the people who own them. To them and their livelihoods, it is quintessentially essential! 

The corona virus is a real threat, especially to certain members of our society, namely the elderly along with the medically compromised. 

There is no doubt the disease is deadly in certain circumstances, but I am afraid our response and policies have not been balanced in the efforts to deal with this pandemic. 

In fact, we are creating public safety issues in the process of trying to thwart the spread of corona.

But before I really dive off into the “weeds”, pun,  I will leave you with this; if you have a job and a paycheck coming in, you are fortunate. Give back to the local business owners in your respective town(s) you know, like and patronize regularly. 

Order online and take out or call for delivery, many of these business owners and their managers are really thinking outside the box, cliche’ warning!, and they’re really trying to take care of themselves, their employees and their customers. 

So give back, spend some money and when it comes to calculate the tip, be generous. If the restaurant in question for example is running at 30% of normal revenue, I am betting the tips are even less and many of the servers and hostesses and cooks are making much less than normal. 

Have courage and be kind. 


Rob Hendrix, owner

Cannabis Central of Ellensburg

Cannabis Consulting Nationwide