Dispensary Design – Building Out A Retail Cannabis Store

Once you’ve found your retail cannabis location, it is time to think about your dispensary design. There is a lot that goes into building out a retail cannabis store - especially from a compliance standpoint. It can be tough to put your store together in a manner that...

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Hiring and Managing Dispensary Staff

Hello all, hope you’re having a stupendous day! Rob Hendrix here with Cannabis Consulting Nationwide. Today’s story harks back to October 2014. I had been open about seven weeks, working about 85 hours per week personally so I was tired. 2014 was a tough year; I was...

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“We need to internalize this idea of excellence. Not many folks spend a lot of time trying to be excellent.” Barack Obama

This is still a misunderstood and therefore a controversial industry. I have worked very hard to honor and abide by my mission statement. And excellence ladies and gentlemen is how we will turn people’s negative opinions around. Excellence in how we run our store, excellence in how we understand and welcome and endeavor to deal effectively while being empathetic to with people’s fears. Excellence in how we work with government at all levels in creating a regulatory environment that is fair and workable and sustainable for all, especially frankly those who are concerned about Cannabis in society. Excellence in our hiring, training, managing our employees, always insisting our employees be respectful to all at all times.

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The Importance Of A Female Friendly Retail Cannabis Store

The problem was that I felt very strongly women would not feel comfortable in these environments. I firmly believe we need to run our shops so that women, over 21 of course!, feel safe, secure, comfortable, and clean! After being in some these early shops, which felt more like head shops to me, I felt the need to immediately go home and shower!

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How to Find a Retail Cannabis Location

 One of the most critical parts of your licensing journey will be finding the right retail cannabis location. This process can be frustrating, confusing, and demoralizing, but it doesn't need to be. If you go into this with the right mindset and leave your ego at the...

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Preventing Underage Cannabis Sales At Your Dispensary

We have a list of acceptable forms of ID here in Washington State. And it is the law that no one under 21 can even be on the premises let alone purchase product. (There are exceptions for minors who possess a State legal medical authorization card, but that’s a cumbersome discussion to attempt here so I’ll save it for another article). There are actually different rules pertaining to acceptable forms of ID for purchasing Cannabis than tobacco and/or alcohol. It’s much more stringent for Cannabis, of course! 

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Canada Needs To Conquer The Gray Market

There is a flourishing “gray” market in Canada. By definition a “gray” market is very nearly a “black” market in reality. It is not subject to the same rigid controls, laws and restraints that the “legal” shops have to contend with. But, in an ironic twist, the gray market stores are the only ones who can satisfy demand and take care of the Cannabis consuming public.

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Edibles and the LCB

Good morning, Rob with CCN. I recently attended LemonHaze in Tacoma last week. Pretty good crowd, many booths, and lots of conversation about the industry. As many of you may know, the LCB, in their continuing ongoing and questionable wisdom, unilaterally and very...

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Leadership Conference at LemonHaze

Leadership Conference at LemonHaze: WACA, the Washington Cannabusiness Association, of which I am a Board member, recently hosted a leadership panel as to the current state as well as the future of our industry. Several legislators from both sides of the aisle...

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