Good morning, Rob with CCN. I recently attended LemonHaze in Tacoma last week. Pretty good crowd, many booths, and lots of conversation about the industry.

As many of you may know, the LCB, in their continuing ongoing and questionable wisdom, unilaterally and very much by surprise banned several popular edibles, including but not limited to Gummies. While they freely admitted these products and packages were approved by the LCB previously, with very little warning and with little or no public or industry input, banned several items. We in the industry have jumped into action.

As many of you may also know, I am a Board member of the Washington Cannabusiness Association, WACA. We met in an emergency session with key members of two additional influential associations, the Cannabis Alliance and C.O.R.E. in order to formulate a strategy as to how we in the industry could most effectively respond to this latest crisis in rules and rule-making. We all met for more than two hours at LemonHaze and came up with some ideas and suggestions that we and the LCB could implement to deal with the concerns and simultaneously help secure the companies who manufacture these products. Without clarity and solid direction, businesses large and small have a great deal of difficulty conducting business and making plans for the future. The meeting with the LCB is scheduled to happen tomorrow, October 30. I’ll get back to you with the results of this meeting. Please keep your fingers crossed; several hundred jobs are at stake if these products in fact continue to be banned.

Rob Hendrix, owner
Cannabis Consulting Nationwide, LLC
Cannabis Central of Ellensburg, LLC