As you all may remember, I reside in the USA, in Ellensburg, Washington State. When I think back to the train wreck our legal Cannabis framework was in the latter half of 2014, I shudder!

It was unworkable, unsustainable and and unbelievably terrible! It was not until first quarter 2015 that things began to turn, slowly yes but nonetheless very surely.

Kinks were worked out, regulatory strangulation tweaked to allow for the possibility of success, supply and  the variety of available product increased dramatically thereby leading to somewhat reasonable prices and pretty soon, before you could say “bankruptcy”, we began to turn a corner.

It took effort, even grit, patience and working with our Legislators and regulatory agency members, but before too long it all began to settle down.

That’s the message to all you out there in States which have recently legalized adult-use Cannabis. If it’s not real good right now, stay tuned, with effort, grit, patience and working with your State’s Congress members and regulatory folks, it will improve.

Stay the course, keep focused on the end goal, the survival and the ultimate success of the INDUSTRY.

The entire industry, not just your grow or you retail store. It’s got to work for all. I’m giving you this pep talk of sorts so we understand where we’ve been which not that long ago was where we are. Washington is way ahead, still have a few things to fix, but by any measurement we are making it work here in my home state. And this can do attitude will sustain you as we grow and and move into 2019.

Canada, as I learned while attending the O’Cannabis Conference and Expo in Vancouver, BC is in a bit a mess themselves.

Yes, the entire Country has legalized adult use Cannabis but that is not a clear indicator they have their collective “stuff” together yet. Supply is still a problem, licensing is a problem, in short, Canada has problems, and they’re not little problems.

But only when, and if, they stand up to protect and nurture the entire industry will success happen. Only when you get rid if “I” and focus on “team” will the team begin to achieve the type of success the success that the individuals desire and probably deserve. Now of course this isn’t a team sport or isn’t it?

Our team is the entire Cannabis industry. In my State, I can only purchase products from a LCB, Liquor and Cannabis Board, licensed processors so it benefits me and the processors in question to work with and for each other as members of the same industry.

Where we have been, where we are currently and where we are headed is a function of cooperation and mutual respect for each other and, by extension, for the entire industry.

  • Do we want to succeed?
  • Do we want to thrive?
  • Do we want to be respected as an industry?

If you answered in the affirmative to any or all of these questions, then check the ego at the curb. Give of yourself for the good of others in this still controversial industry. We all sink or swim together, as an industry. Like it or not, this is what you signed up for so no bellyaching now. Find a way, forge ahead, failure is not an option. Decide today you want to be a bit better today than you were yesterday and you desire to be a bit better tomorrow than you were today.

You are all mavericks and trailblazers. We have much to be proud of but always stay hungry and humble. If you’re not growing, you’re dying. Good luck in the New Year.


Rob Hendrix, Owner

Cannabis Central LLC

Cannabis Consulting Nationwide LLC

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