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Starting a retail cannabis business has its challenges.

But being a pioneer doesn’t mean you need to go it alone.

Cannabis Consulting For Retail Businesses

With first hand experience building a successful legally-compliant cannabis retail store in the state of Washington, I can help you navigate the complex process of starting your own.

Cannabis consulting firms are not always qualified to be giving anyone advice on how to get licensed and start a dispensary – they haven’t done it themselves! What sets me apart is I’ve been there, done that. Why would you want cannabis business consulting from someone who hasn’t started a dispensary themselves?

I’ve seen just how complex this industry is, and can make sure you are prepared for every part of the process – from starting your application, to hiring staff, to inventory control – you name it.

Don’t just take my word for it. See what others have to say about my services.

cannabis business consulting

Free Cannabis Business Resources

We’re continuously releasing free materials in the form of video blogs and articles.

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Who is Cannabis Consulting Nationwide?

Cannabis Consulting Nationwide is a leading resource and consultant for new retail cannabis stores and owners.

My name is Rob, and I am the proud owner and operator of not just CCN, but Cannabis Central – a legally compliant retail cannabis store in Ellensburg, Washington.

Using my first-hand experience building a successful and legally compliant store in Ellensburg Washington, I can help you navigate the murky waters of starting your own cannabis business.

I offer full service retail cannabis store consulting to help you through the rigorous application process, choose a location, manage community relations, purchase inventory, and much more. 

Everything hinges on a great relationship. Get to know me.

cannabis consulting

The Truth About Cannabis Business Consulting

When starting your retail cannabis business, you will undoubtedly need cannabis busienss consulting. You are going to face adversity, roadblocks, frustration, and much more. Due to the still controversial nature of cannabis, things will be more difficult for you than if you were starting a business in other industries. Is this fair? Probably not, but for the foreseeable future, it’s something we are going to deal with.

From the start of the application process to the day to day operation of your business, you will run into problems that seem insurmountable. You’ll struggle to find property, you’ll face high insurance rates, and you may even be judged my members of your community for taking part in this industry, especially if you are in a newly legal state.

Looking back at starting my dispensary in the state of Washington, what was the biggest challenge? I didn’t know what I didn’t know! If I had access to someone who had been through the process, and could prepare me for aspects of this journey I never would have thought of, it would have been invaluable.

What I learned is that trying to navigate this process by yourself could prove costly. You are likely aware of this, so you may be looking for cannabis business consulting. Let me give you a fair warning:

Many cannabis consulting firms in this industry do not have the experience of bootstrapping a retail cannabis store, and can’t prepare you for many of the intricacies you need to know about. They have fancy websites, nice suits, and can talk about SOPs all day, but have they ever started a retail cannabis business? Too often, they have not.

The only advice you should take is from people who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. Taking cannabis business consulting advice from someone who hasn’t started their own would be like taking financial advice from a homeless person!

My retail cannabis store, Cannabis Central, has been operating for five years. While I would like to tell you I’ve seen it all, the reality is that I am constantly experiencing new challenges. That is just the nature of this industry!

But what I can tell you is that I can help guide you through some of the most challenging parts of this industry, and ensure that nothing shocks you. After talking with me, you will be prepared for anything the cannabis industry throws at you.

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